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Summer's Gold® is a Wisconsin-based distributor of Honey and 'Honey Bee' produced products. 
Most Honey is heated as part of the packaging process.  This process, often referred to as pasteurization, clarifies the honey, makes it easier to filter and package.
Summer's Gold® Honey is NOT heated. It is strained with a stainless steel strainer while never allowing the temperature to exceed 90 degrees, the temperature it would normally be in the hive in summer. It is packaged in sterile glass jars, we use no plastic.

The resulting Honey is often cloudy and sometimes solidifies after packaging.

This makes it a lot harder to package, but preserves all the natural flavor and nutrition the Bee's put in.

If your Honey begins to solidify, just set the jar in a bowl of tepid water and it should return to a liquid.


Wild Thistles are a great nectar source.

  Redbud flowers work too
  Genesis Farm Bee digs
into an Apple Blossom..

Lilacs are tough. "I know
there is something in here
if I can just get down to it."




Important Information:

Never give Honey, no matter how it is processed or packaged, to a child under the age of two

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